March 25, 2021 | 10:00 am-4:20 pm EST

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Welcome remarks

10:10 am

Chairperson remarks

Laura-Elizabeth Ware

Group Vice President, East/Canada HCM Applications, Oracle

10:15 am

Opening keynote: Reshaping learning strategies in a new era

As we continue to adapt new ways of working, organizations are focusing on delivering effective and engaging learning experience in the ‘new normal.’ How can we plan and deliver successful learning experiences for a hybrid workforce? In this thought-provoking opening keynote, Dr. Billan outlines her L&D thoughts (not trends) for 2021, and they are simple:

  • Learning is happening whether we are planning for it or not. Seize the opportunity on how to approach and shape it.
  • Identifying and implementing virtual learning opportunities.
  • Leveraging technology to build real-time content, design, and delivery in the new digital workforce.
  • Content is content. Focus on the experience.

Dr. Rumeet Billan

Chief Learning Architect, Viewpoint Leadership

10:45 am

Learning….for what’s next

Since the beginning of the pandemic when asked what matters in an organization, people have said: Purpose, Values, Learning, Career, and Safety. When executives have been asked what they are most worried about, they cite the need for people with the right skills and capabilities for future jobs. Learning is central to upskilling and reskilling, as well as to growth in the job market. But what approach to learning will help you meet the future? Join this session on how to increase the business impact of learning and understand the most effective ways to sustain a commitment to learning that delivers individual and organization success.

Pamela Stroko

VP, HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership, Oracle

11:20 am

Panel: Enhancing leadership development in a remote work environment

Whether by policy or preference, work-from-home and hybrid roles have become the new norm. It is critical for all organizations to effectively develop their leaders to lead their teams in this new working environment.

  • Coaching leaders to lead high-performing remote teams
  • Improving communication through listening, visibility and authenticity
  • Leveraging collaboration tools for leaders and their teams


Emily Douglas

Managing Editor HRD, Key Media


Siobhan Calderbank

Director Talent Management, LCBO

Lorenzo Lisi

Partner and Practice Group Leader, Workplace Law Group, Aird & Berlis

Timothy Tiryaki

Founder and CEO, Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership

12:00 pm

Networking lunch break

12:30 pm

Impostor phenomenon, perfectionism, and burnout

You’re about to give a presentation, start a meeting or a new job when your heart starts racing, you sweat, have a creeping sense of dread and you think, “this MUST be perfect, otherwise, they are going to figure out I’m a fraud.” Do you think your accomplishments and success are because of luck, chance, connection, or appearance? Do you feel that others are smart or work harder than you? Are you afraid of making a mistake? Impostor phenomenon is real, your ‘inner critic’ and its impact isn’t imagined – it’s very real. It’s effect can affect your reality, your performance, and how you process everything that comes at you in life.

  • Why we suffer from impostor phenomenon (and why is no one is talking about)
  • Identifying where and how it shows up in your life
  • Actionable steps you can implement to gain confidence and stop the self-sabotage

Dr. Jessica E. Metcalfe

Founder, Speaker, Coach & Dentist, The Alchemist Dentist

12:55 pm

Curating content to increase learning and engagement

As employee engagement continues to be a key priority for organizations, content creation is a critical component of an effective learning program. How can we select and create content that is engaging and valuable to improve knowledge retention?

  • Strategies to curate and offer diverse content to promote a culture of self-learning
  • Creating learning recommendations across multiple platforms for non-linear career paths
  • Using employee feedback to improve content
  • Enabling employees to be recognized and rewarded for their contribution and learning achievements

Ryan Fanning

Director of Learning & Development Specialist, VICE Media Group

Laura Salvatore

Associate Vice President, Human Capital, Centurion Asset Management

1:30 pm

Panel: Developing a skills-focused workforce to build resilience

As organizations navigate through disruption in their business operations, reskilling and upskilling the workforce is an essential part of their recovery. Hear how organizations are leveraging training to transform their workforce and pivot their business into new areas.

  • Identifying emerging ‘soft skills’ and technical skills: empathy, remote workforce leadership and more
  • Leadership development for a future workforce
  • Using automation and artificial intelligence to bridge the skills gap
  • Building a resilient workforce


Nupur Khandelwal

Manager, Learning & Talent Development, LCBO


Carolyn Byer

Human Resources Lead, Microsoft Canada

Angela Champ

Senior Vice President, HR | Author, Alpine Building Maintenance

Chris Taylor

CHRO, Best Buy Canada

2:10 pm

Networking break

2:40 pm

Panel: Enhancing learning through technology

Technology continues to transform the way we learn. Employers now have access to many learning and development tech solutions, from enterprise-level platforms to agile and personalized mobile apps. Which tech solution is right for your workforce?

  • Aligning your technology platforms with your strategy and culture
  • Evaluating new tech: artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Incorporating gamification strategies to enhance employee engagement
  • Ensuring your learning platform selection provides a positive return on investment
  • Analyzing current trends and the best learning platform for your organization


Kelly Smyth

Talent and Organizational Development Manager, IAMGOLD


Don Jones

Founder & President, Experience It

Dr. Melanie Peacock

Associate Professor, Mount Royal University and Owner, Double M Training and Consulting

John Peebles

CEO, Administrate

3:25 pm

Learning in 2021 and beyond: Being bold in exceptional times

The global pandemic has shown how quickly things can shift, almost overnight. Technology is fuelling new ways of working, collaborating and learning. These exceptional times have given us an opportunity to reimagine everything we do.

  • Understanding the L&D function as a business-critical priority for building the workforce of the future
  • Delivering timely and measurable L&D initiatives that align to the organization’s goal
  • Succession planning for a diverse workforce
  • Preparing for the next generation of the workforce and the gig economy
  • Creating a culture of lifelong learning beyond the classroom

Gina Jeneroux

Chief Learning Officer, BMO Financial Group

3:50 pm

Closing keynote: Culture 2021: Building a foundation of trust

If the past twelve months have taught us anything, it is that the future of work is impossible to predict. With continued change being an expectation rather than an exception, never before has it been more important to build rock-solid teams that are rooted in recognition, appreciation, and most importantly trust. In this engaging, insightful, and takeaway-filled closing keynote, Eric Termuende shares how a better understanding of how we use our time, connect with our people, and how tying recognition back to our values builds a deeper sense of trust across our team. While the future is anything but certain, the actions we take today are sure to prepare us for whatever the world throws our way.

  • It all starts with TRUST - How to build it, where a stronger foundation resides, and how to access it
  • The three golden rules of recognition
  • The research-backed correlation between recognition and engagement
  • Where culture lives in the pandemic and what you can do about it

Brie Harvey

Employee Engagement Evangelist, Achievers

Eric Termuende

Co-Founder, NoW of Work

4:20 pm

Closing remarks

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