Andrea Carter

CEO & Founder, Wealthy Woman Warrior for Corporate Women

Andrea Carter is the CEO & Founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior, an innovative Toronto based, learning and development consulting firm that helps women and workplaces go from idea to impact without burning out.  

Andrea’s 18 year career in the learning and development space, has been rooted in mindset, behavioural psychology and cognitive therapies.  Her background training and education has allowed her to successfully navigate different industry needs with ease. 

In 2018 Andrea was commissioned for a research initiative, exploring workplace differences between male and female performance reviews using virtual reality and mindset training. In a double-blind study, the resulting data provided clear evidence that neuroscience is a great predictor for behaviour within the workplace.  

Based on those findings, Andrea dove into exploring the differences between the male and female brain and began developing learning and development programs to support women’s initiatives using neuroscience as a baseline for innovation.  

Andrea’s proprietary programs have been delivered at top Toronto financial firms, sales conferences and numerous women’s initiatives across Canada. Her programs continue to be used to up-level talent and create innovative workplace cultures that employees want to participate in and contribute to.