As we enter a new year, employers across the country are starting to gain a deeper appreciation of the great expectations employees have for their career and life goals. 

The challenges of the last two years have forced many employers to abandon traditional learning models and reimagine what L&D looks like for a hybrid workforce. Now that we have finally found our footing in the new world of work, it’s time for HR leaders to continue on a path of innovation, reignite their dedication to learning and development, and start upskilling their employees for the new era. 

The Learning & Development Summit Canada will explore all the new trends in L&D in 2022 – from tools and technology to program implementation, strategies for learning engagement, and more. Join us virtually for a transformative day of discussion and ideas for upskilling your workforce and preparing your business for success. 


Receive the collective knowledge of expert-level speakers who are leading the way in L&D innovation

Collaborate with your peers, and network with 100-plus L&D leaders

Explore and develop new frameworks for meaningful and dynamic employee experiences

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